Engaged to Dream Boy


SO HAPPY to announce that Pierce and I are engaged!  He is literally my dream boy and I am the luckiest girl in the world because I get to spend forever with him. I love love him.

Friday was the happiest day EVER. It could not have been dreamier.

Pierce and I drove to Denver for my sweet little sister Ava's baptism! We left Provo Thursday night and stayed in Vail with my family and awesome aunt's family that came up from St. George to be with us for the weekend!

So Friday morning the plan was to go snowshoeing and take some family pictures.  It was snowing and beautiful, and my mom had asked Pierce and I to go find a more secluded place so we could have some really rad family pictures.

Just a little backstory... I had known Pierce had the ring for a while. But he had told me he noticed something a liitttllle off with one of the prongs and that he had taken it back to the Jeweler just so it could be absolutely perfect. And we had talked about getting engaged Christmas break so I was completely unsuspecting.

Haha at first when my mom asked us to go I was totally dragging my feet, I was cold and where we were already was gorgeous, but then Pierce and I left with his bluetooth speaker playing all of our favorite songs.  Once we had found an area we thought was perfect, we set up a tripod for our "family pictures." We took a couple pictures together before we were going to have my family  come meet us. Pierce is always taking video, he loves to document everything. So when he suggested we take a little video I didn't think anything of it.  So he began recording and told me he wanted to show me something he had found.

And at this point, somehow I am still completely oblivious that anything unusual was going on.  He pulled part of a tree branch out of his backpack, and I say "Oh that's cool!" SOMEHOW still oblivious haha.  Now looking back I don't understand how I didn't pick up on what was happening at this point.

So he pulled this branch out of his backpack and I try to get a better look. He turned it over and I could tell it was more than a branch.  It was a beautiful way to display the ring that I had never seen before.  He had completely hand crafted this ring holder and I was in love with it and the ring. Before I knew it he was on one knee and asking me to marry him.  So much emotion flooded me at once.  Mainly surprise and insane joy.  All I could say was "nuh uh!!!" and cry.  But eventually I was able to get out a "yes" and an "I love you so so much."

After he had proposed we walked back to my family and got to celebrate with them.  My parents had known the plan and as we were walking down my dad was running toward us with open arms.  Pierce did it so perfectly, it was the perfect balance of being totally romantic and private, but also being able to celebrate with my family.

I am the luckiest girl to be marrying sweet Pierce and I am so happy I now have a ring on my finger that shows I am his.  All of the thought and work that went into that ring takes my breath away.  He has spent countless hours with the jeweler, making video of my ring being made, and looking on Pinterest to find the one we loved.

December 5th was flawless and now I can hardly wait for April 25th.


IMG_0178-2By a small miracle I had painted my nails the day before our trip.... tender mercies.