I just had to put that in all caps.  I simply adore everything about the Christmas season.  I love that everyone seems a little cheerier (even in the midst of finals), the snow (except this year:not jazzed), and that there are so many fun traditions I have with my family (love them).

Sunday morning after church I came back to my little dorm and it was snowing HUGH snowflakes.  I opened my blinds all the way up and listened to all of my favorite Christmas music, and worked on Pierce's Christmas present (I am so excited to show you what I did)! Just to add to the mood I drank eggnog as well.  Mixed with ginger ale, obviously.

But seriously, if you haven't tried that you need to. It thins the eggnog the perfect amount and adds a cool flavor. Obsessed.

So even though I'm slightly tempted to complain about finals and the fact that there is no snow, I'm trying to instead celebrate Christmas the way it was meant to be celebrated and celebrate my savior Jesus Christ.

Everyday I try harder to embrace and discover the gift.  This video there at the top was so inspiring to me and really got me in the Christmas mood. Haha I totally watched it planning the lesson I taught in church, and it is really what kicked off my Sunday Christmas celebration.

I know how easy it is to get caught up in the commercialized Christmas, I find myself doing it too often.  But take a moment with me and #sharethegift.

Merry early Christmas everyone I will probably say that on here more times before the 25th but I love Christmas so Merry Christmas again. :)


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