My Nineteenth


  On Tuesday I turned 19! My birthday was an absolute dream... I was so sad I was going to be away from my family, but it ended up being one of the best birthdays yet! I am so grateful to have such great friends taking care of me in Provo, a family that did so much for me from Denver, and of course Pierce who spoiled me to death.

My morning started when Gabby came to pick me up for breakfast! We made the most delicious gluten-free crepes at her apartment.  It was a great way to start of a great day.  I spent my whole afternoon in classes and getting the best love notes from family and friends.  Pierce picked me up right when I was done and took me for our surprise date.  He told me we were going to have hot chocolate at a "surprise destination" and then he would let me choose where we were going to dinner.  So about ten minutes later we pull into the most gorgeous scene at Utah Lake... It could not have been prettier.  The water was absolute glass and there was no one there.  The sun was setting behind the mountains and Pierce had laid out a blanket for us to sit on.  I start opening the thermos of hot chocolate and was pretty surprised that it did not smell like hot chocolate.  He had me completely fooled.  He began pulling food out of his backpack and we had a picnic of my absolute favorite food, thai food.


DSC05577 After our dinner and the sun had set, we let off a sky lantern.  Pierce and I tried to get them to work about six times over the summer...always to absolutely fail.  But somehow we got the only one we had to work! Birthday magic.  

It was the perfect date. He's perfect.

After our romantic little picnic we hurried over to Gabby's apartment where she and her adorable roommates had decorated and gotten ready for a little celebration she, Claire, my mom, and Pierce had put together.  I loved getting to be with such great friends on such a fun day.  They sang happy birthday to me and we all ate the gluten-free, four-tiered, made-from-scratch, chocolate cake.  Made by who? Pierce Tews. He was just full of surprises.


Eighteen was great, and I know nineteen is going to be even better.  I am so thankful for everyone that participated in making my birthday one of my favorite memories. xoxo

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