I Went Home!!!


Last Thursday my sweet little sister, Ava, turned 8.  All of last week she had been texting me off of my mom's ipad "are you at school?" and then about an hour later "I love you sooooo much." and a few hours later "are you in school" "I miss you sooooo much." It was seriously my favorite thing.  One day after telling her I was finally done with school, she called me and told me about her day.  My heart was literally breaking that I was missing her 8th birthday!

That same weekend, my little brother had his state cross country meet.  Easton just started running this summer to stay be.  He is an absolute beast.  What seventh grader has runs just to be healthy? Answer: The same one that hasn't indulged in sugar in over two and a half years... HE IS A THIRTEEN YEAR OLD BOY! He is bound and determined to play for the BYU basketball team in the future and he believes that living this certain lifestyle on top of his endless drills and basketball games can help get him there. I am so darn proud of that guy. Buutttt I just got completely sidetracked.

Easton. Cross country state meet.

So this weekend my baby sister turns 8 and my little brother is predicted to dominate this race. I kinda just had to be there.  So after debating all week whether to stay or go, Pierce and I packed up Thursday and left for home-sweet-home.


Our first morning back in Colorado Pierce was dying to finish off the lake season...

Lake season in Colorado has been over for at least a month.

No matter.


Seriously this was freezing.  NOT WARM.

Our boat was totally out of gas and so this is a snap of my one and only run.

So stinking cold.

I was scared to death I was going to fall and have to wait in the water for the boat to come pick me up.

We realized right when we got on the lake that we had nooo gas.... nice.

So Pierce did a couple runs and then I got pulled back to the dock going way too fast to even get a wave...


Worth it.

Shout out to my friends that go in November. You are tough.


How stinking cute is this EIGHT YEAR OLD?!?!? I am so proud to be her big sister.  She has the sweetest spirit and it was such a treat to be there for her birthday! She was pretty happy about it too :)


He's gettin puummmpeeddd.


Pre-race photo shoot.


How handsome is he? This is one of my favorite pictures of him of all time taken by another handsome Pierce Tews. Easton ended up taking second place of all of the seventh graders in Colorado!!! Keep in mind this is his second sport, all of his focus is on basketball.

What on earth.

This boy is a machine.

I am so proud of him, the last little stretch of his race Savanna and I sprinted next to course screaming our heads off.  We were so excited for him.  Definitely worth the drive.


My dad and his girls the night after the race.  Easton was at his third basketball game of the day....

I don't know how he does it.

It may have been the chicken liver he ate for breakfast that morning.


My mom read a study where rats were fed liver and they could keep themselves afloat in water without drowning for something like three times as long as other rats.


But hey, it obviously worked. So proud of that guy.


My favorite people all in one picture (plus charlie who is not my favorite).  It was the best weekend.  Even the total of 16 hours spent in the car was a treat, Pierce and I always have the best time together. I can't wait to come back with him again very very soon...

Also, s/o to that boy for all of these pictures, I love how good he is at anything artistic.