What Camera Gear We Use (And Why!)


We have been through a few different cameras since we started doing wedding videos.  I've used the Canon 7D, Sony a700, Canon 5Diii, Panasonic GH4, Sony a7sii, and finally we are shooting with a Panasonic GH5 now.  Haha so needless to say, we've tried out our options.  

We love our GH5 and would highly recommend it to anyone.  So amazing for filmmakers.  Reasons we love it: the cinematic look it gives, the fact that it shoots 10 bit, and it's slow motion capabilities.  

We use it with a monitor and that has been game changing for us.  We load the luts we use most often on there, and we can see what they look like on the shot.  It also the best for getting focus right.  Doesn't hurt that it also makes us look super legit haha.

Our lens kit consists of a panasonic 2.8 12-35 mm.  It's such a versatile lens and we use it almost the entire wedding day.  Because the GH5 has a crop censor, it shoots like a 35-70mm.  The GH5 isn't the absolute best in low light, so when it gets dark we pull out our Voigtlander .95 35 mm.  It handles lowlight really well and keeps everything crisp.

For stabilizers we use a manfrotto monopod and a zhiyun crane.  We use the manfrotto most of the day because it's easier to adjust settings on our camera.  


For photography we shoot on our 5Diii.  That thing is a machine, we love it.  We've had it for two years and it's taken a beating and still works perfectly.  When I shoot weddings I rent a Canon 6D as a backup from lensrentals.com.  The 6D does better in low light than the 5D so I'll occasionally pull it out during the reception.

The only lenses I use are from the Sigma Art Series.  For 95% of the day I use a 35 mm.  But for some ceremony and first dance shots I use the 85 mm.  Throughout wedding days I keep the 85 mm on the 6D and the 35 mm on the 5D.  


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